Posted by SCAFoundation on 04/16/2008

Our children all died suddenly.
Their hearts just stopped one day.
One minute they were with us—
Then taken swift away.

We pray they are in heaven,
Just waiting for us there.
And though we know this in our souls,
The loss is hard to bear.

We never knew they were at risk—
We never thought to ask.
We trusted all authorities,
Not bringing them to task.

But now we know, and pain is deep—
So deep we can’t convey.
And though we try to move ahead,
We miss them every day.

So we’re harnessing our sorrow,
We’re channeling our pain—
So that their lives—so quickly lost—
Will never be in vain.

To save the lives of other kids
Is what we have to do—
To honor our dear children
The way they’d want us to.

We’ve formed a new community—
“Parent Heart Watch” is its name.
We hope you never have to join,
But you can help out just the same…

By learning everything you can
About the scourge of SCA*
That lurks in classrooms, courts and fields
Just waiting for its prey.

They say it isn’t common,
But we know this for a fact:
It happened to our children—
And now we have to act!

We’ll fight till every single school
From New York to LA
Knows how to save a student
Who suffers SCA!

We need a revolution—
And you can play a part:
Tell everyone you know and love
How to save the human heart.

Tell them SCA can happen
To kids like yours and mine—
Just when you least suspect it
And everything seems fine.

It’s too late for our loved ones,
But it’s not too late for you.
And so we urge you fervently—
Do all that you can do!

So youth will be protected
And parents will be spared,
And our children will be honored
…Because somebody cared.

*SCA= Sudden cardiac arrest

Dedicated to the families of Parent Heart Watch
Mary M. Newman, May 2007