Posted by SCAFoundation on 03/21/2008

Are you someone who beat the odds and survived sudden cardiac arrest? Would you like to help other victims survive? Join the SCA Survivor Registry™, the nation’s first online registry for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survivors.

By joining the registry you can find others who have been through similar life-changing events, share their experiences, and help one another in the healing process.

In beating the odds, a survivor has already joined a special and unique group of people. Their stories are eerily similar—a savior who performed CPR, a layperson or professional with a defibrillator, and an ICD implanted for life.

You will find they are eager to meet and talk with you, since you have become one of the family.

The Registry also fosters research and awareness initiatives designed to improve survival rates. By collecting information such as the location of arrest, types of interventions, and outcomes, the SCA Foundation will help identify variables and trends related to SCA survival. It also opens a window into a world that few Americans understand or appreciate.

Some recent analysis suggests the following insights:

  • More young people may be affected by SCA than generally is acknowledged.
  • There is a need to increase public awareness about SCA, CPR and AEDs.
  • There is a need to increase awareness in patient populations about the importance of ICD therapy.
  • More communities should consider using state-of-the-art therapies, like mild therapeutic hypothermia for SCA survivors.

Survivors who join the Registry can opt to participate in survey research and efforts to increase public awareness, such as media interviews and community outreach.

If you are an SCA survivor and would like to help others survive, please join the SCA Survivor Registry™.

Download the SCA Survivor Registry Brochure (PDF Format)