Rick Chap

Co-Founder, Buddy CPR; Partner, StrataVerve

Orlando, Florida

Rick Chap is a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, co-founder of BuddyCPR and partner in StrataVerve, a strategic marketing and research practice. In 2012, the family cat, Buddy, alerted Rick's wife, Jennifer, that something was wrong. Finding Rick collapsed on the floor, she dialed 911 and performed TCPR until help arrived. Rick is one of the lucky ones, surviving his brush with death with no heart or brain damage.

Since his SCA, Rick has become active in the cause sharing his story to inspire others to learn CPR, serving as an advisor/volunteer with Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, teaching CPR/AED skills as a volunteer BLS instructor for Orlando Fire Department, and serving on the Orlando Health Heart Institute Patient Family Advisory Council. Rick enthusiastically shares his belief, “We are all born with CPR tools right here in our own hands.”


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