Posted by thebaumer on 07/22/2014

Hi my name is Dave I. Am 41 yrs old and work in the transport dept in the film industry .It all started on feb 08tha sat morning our new puppy was making her usual commotion to go outside i told my wife to sleep i would get up with the pup and have a coffee ,no odd pains or palpitations or shortness of breath got out of bed used the washroom got dressed ,picked up my tablet and I phone opened the bedroom door and I hit the floor unconscious .My wife was quick to dial 911 immediately as luck would have it the fire dept is within blocks of my house,they arrived fast started CPR and put to work the aed.I was taken to a local hospital ,never regalning consciousness was put into a hypothermic coma.The following day I suffered another trauma as the ICU staff were trying to insert a central line in my neck they had complications which required emergency surgery by a vascular surgeon at another hospital to remove the iv and repair the jugular and carotid arterys.That took place on family day ,I was extubated and awoken on valentines day ,with no recollection of even getting up that day.I went for an angiogram had no plumbing or valve issues was told I needed to meet the electrician.So I met a great cardiologist\electrophysiologist who explain that I would need a icd on Feb 27 I had my icd implanted.It has been a very big change to life and lifestyle and career as a commercial driver.I am hoping I can bring positive change for others in British Columbia especially those residing in the Fraser valley with awareness of CPR and aed s in the community .I would also like to help with building a much needed support and Information group on sca and its survivors in surrey BC and the surrounding communities. I would like to say thank you to the fireman that were on duty at hall 08 cloverdale BC on Feb 08 2014 ,without them I would not be here today ,and thank you to the doctors and nurses at the ICU and ACU wards at smh .


Submitted by mauiscasurvivor on 10/24/2014


Glad to hear your doing well, it is a traumatic experience for both you and your wife, and lucky it happened when it did so that you got help quickly.