My Husband Emotional and Psychological effects from his cardiac arrest

My Husband Emotional and Psychological effects from his cardiac arrest

My husband suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on March 12, 2019 after his doctor sent him to the pharmacy without even doing a EKG. He collapsed and faceplanted as he walked into the Pharmacy. Luckily, the fire station was right next to the pharmacy and the pharmacist was there pretty quickly. En route they did shock my husband twice to get his heart started. After a Face and Head CT scan showed no brain hemmorrage they were able to put three stents in the right side of his heart. They did give him hypothermia treatment as well after the surgery. He remained in a coma with five fractures in his face for 11 days and a total of 14 days in the ICU and step down before two weeks at a Rehabilitation hospital. He was given a life vest for three months of monitoring which was removed June 28th, 2019. Per his cardiologist, no defibrillator needs to be put in at this time. The reason for my post is I need help because he is just not same since they removed the vest, he gets so angry at the drop of the hat and says he should of died. Last evening, he told me everything in his life is different now, his company, our marriage, how he feels about me. And of course I'm crushed because he is the love of my life. I am perimenopausal so my hormones are all over the place and not helping. Not sure what to do. I have anxiety and a tendency to smother him with phone calls during the day just to make sure he is okay which is totally affecting our marriage but at the same time I'm doing it out of love and he is just so mean. Not sure if this is normal and not sure if it has to do with loss of oxygen. Any help, guidance or insight is greatly appreciated. I can't really talk to my siblings because they would say leave him and I'm not ready to give up on him yet.

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Thank you for reaching out

Hi Shannon,

Thank you for sharing your story. We are very happy your husband survived sudden cardiac arrest. At the same time, we are so sorry to hear you both are going through such a difficult time. Please know you are not alone. Many survivors take time to get back to "normal." What you are experiencing may be only a phase.

You may find this information to be helpful.

We invite others to offer their insights and support.

Best wishes,

Mary Newman

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