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My son had an SCA last July (16 years old). I just received his genetic testing results which was positive for Long QT Syndrome. If anybody can give me information I would appreciate it.




So, my 17 year old son had SCA on July 30, 2014. I found him at ~11pm on the floor in his bedroom. The last breaths woke me up. I knew as I walked into his room that this wasn't good. Immediately every breath I had left me, I was gasping for air, while trying to "wake" him up. I ran downstairs got my husband who picked up the phone dialed 911 on his way upstairs. He had vomit in his mouth, so my husband cleared his mouth and started CPR. It really only took the first police officer 2 minutes to get to our house. He helped with CPR until the EMTs arrived. They cardioconverted him twice at home, in his bedroom. the second time was successful. He was taken to childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh. He had respiratory failure due to aspirating vomit. He was put on a ventilator, sedated heavily and paralyzed to allow his lungs to recover for 12 days. Every test was negative...heart cath, cardiac stress MRI. Thankfully there was no damage from the arrest. His heart "looked good".

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