Heart Attack vs Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack vs Sudden Cardiac Arrest

In my brief involvement in this area, I find it shocking that other than those in the medical field, I would say more than 90% of common folks do not even know the difference between a Heart Attack and a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

But its not that hard to explain and people get it, once you tell them that the Heart is a pump that needs Electricity and Fluid (Blood).

Take away any one of these and the pump is in trouble. Take away or restrict the fluid and a potion of the pump dies. Depending on size and location of the area affected a person may survive. THIS IS A HEART ATTACK

Take away the electrical power and the pump stops. PERIOD. Sudden Cardiac Arrest!

We need to educate!! People do not know

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HaglofRonald wrote 6 years 14 weeks ago

Sorry to say

Sorry to say but I was also not aware of the difference between heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest but you have explain so well in your blog that now I can explain the difference to anyone.This difference I will also tell others or to read this blog.
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eliashilton wrote 6 years 13 weeks ago

Both heart condition are

Both heart condition are linked. Heart attack increases the sudden cardiac arrest risk.

sweaty armpits

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iheartalert wrote 6 years 13 weeks ago

Dying in ones sleep

Much too often we hear "He/She dies in his/her sleep.
This happens even when someone is sleeping next to the person.
It happens because in most cases of sudden cardiac arrest, the stricken person cannot even yell, let alone press a button (as in those alert systems) or call 911.

So in essence only 8% of SCA victims survive, the number is so low, because they could not alert anybody to give them CPR or use a nearby AED.


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