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He Saved My Life!

Here is a link to the new blog of one of the firefighters who saved my life. He mentions a little bit of my story in his first post.




I Finally Submitted my Video for CNN Fit Nation 2013!!!

Good morning!

As you may have read a few weeks ago, I have had the goal to apply for the CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Team. Well, I finally did it!

Here is a link to my video: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-889198

And here is a copy of my final essay:

Luck of the Irish

“Hello!” Dr. Gupta and the rest of the Fit Nation team. My name is Douglas Mogle and I am thirty-two years old. As a fourth grade teacher and high school soccer coach, I spend my days trying my best to inspire, educate, and lead my students in a safe (physically and emotionally) and fun learning environment. I emphasize to them that they need to “work really, really, hard” in order to reach success and excellence, and to pay attention to the details - because “details matter.” (My students are tired of that phrase!)

Ironically, I have not been adhering to my own advice, which is why I’m speaking to you today.

Luck of the Irish

***The following essay is from my essay to the CNN Fit Nation: 2013 Triathlon Challenge. http://ireport.cnn.com/topics/856830
****I'll add a link to my video once I have posted. I'd be honored for this dream to become a reality.

"Luck of the Irish"

As I’ve spent the last few days watching iReport videos from last year’s “Lucky Seven” and this year’s FitNation hopefuls, I’ve been in awe of the stories and experiences I’ve listened to and read. Everyone seems to have a great reason for applying and there is no doubt that they make a very strong case as to why they should be chosen, but I am going to give this awesome opportunity a shot nonetheless.

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