Posted by boomer55589 on 12/04/2014

Hey everyone, I was sitting here wondering what kind of fund raising is done for the SCAF? I have been riding motorcycles for roughly 35 years, and have been on many fund raising rides for many different causes, but don't ever recall a SCAF ride. I would be interested in putting one together here in the Midwest. Is this a plausible idea?


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Hi! What a great idea! We have been approached by various folks interested in riding bicycles to raise awareness and funds for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, but not motorcycle riders. It would be awesome if you could organize such a ride. Let us know how we can help.

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Iam going to try and line one up for 2015, I know pamphlets, maybe a banner or two, would help the most, because when I say SCAF most peoples heads cock sideways and they say whats that.
I will keep you up dated on progress.

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I have been putting a team together to put on this event, The date we are planning for is June 6, 2015. As far as a name, nothing set in stone yet but are considering 2015 SCAF BIKERS WITH HEART. Whats your thoughts?
If you could send me a small sample of info packets that I can send to perspective sponsors and stops that we choose on the way that would be great.

Thanks in advance
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What a coincidence - we're going to do a Poker Run next Spring - and we're going to teach Bystander CPR at each of the four stops. We're using the class video at as the content. The manager of the run is giving us a piece of the pot for our charity.

If you want to use the video for your poker run, too, feel free to help yourself, so long as you don't alter it.

Good luck!