Posted by Bob Trenkamp on 05/19/2014

As SLICC entered it's eighth year in April, its roster of trained bystanders had reached 10,254.

Our latest annual report is at

After having demonstrated at the AHA Resuscitation Science Symposium that most rescuers are not capable of delivering manual Guideline-Compliant Chest Compressions ("GC3's") for the average time from a cardiac arrest until the ambulance crew is "hands-on" at the victim, and recognizing that nearly seventy percent of all cardiac arrests occur in the home, we have advocated pedal compressions for those who cannot get down on the floor, for those who have problems with their hands / wrists / arms, for those who find they do not weigh enough to perform GC3's, and for those rescuers who are just too tired to continue with manual compressions.

Our class video runs about forty minutes and covers Bystander CPR, AED use, choking emergencies, and stroke recognition.

We are actively looking for people to use our materials to teach bystanders in all areas of the USA.

Contact if you are interested.