professor of medicine,cardiologist

professor of medicine,cardiologist

This important comment is intended to Norman S.Abramson,MD,the chairman of SCA,and Susan Koeppen-a bold survivor of SCA,but committed to reduce SCA by promoting AEDs everywhere...please reffer this comment to them-I do not have their emails.
I have recently developed a new technology for home-defibrillation to solve the huge unmet need of cardiac arrest. It is clear that the majority of sudden cardiac arrest occur in the low-risk group at relatively younger age- in their best years of life without any warning symptoms,usually witnessed at home or office but no ambulance in the world will be quick enough to save them without neurological dammage that will put them in a nursing homes at a huge cost for family or society.Therefore I believe every home or office should have such a LOW-COST device exactly like they have fire-extinguishers,but isn't our life more precious than our home? Of course the next group in urgent need of such a device is the high risk group-those with reduced LV function,or cariomyopathies- part of them will get AICDs but those uninsured or not eligible due to comorbidities or high age or during the first month after acute MI or CABG and the big rest of the world non-US states -no economy there can afford AICD implantation to all who need it-and it will be recommended by physicians to have such a device.
The existing AEDs are not a good alternative due to their high cost for battery and capacitor that are not needed in our technology and their big maintenance problem-such a device that lies for years in the office or home and not in use-may not work in the instance you urgently need it.Our computerized device-it shapes the electical current from the mains,present of course in every home or office- will always be operational as long as it will be plugged in via a running cord to the mains.In addition since no need to charge the capacitor it may deliver immediately repeated shocks in case of failed shocks at a higher energy and to externally pace the heart in case of bradycardia or standstill after shock or as a cause to syncope; it may also use rapid pacing like an AICD to stop ventricular tachycardia, instead of shock.All these new features are not available in AEDs.

We have already proved its safety and efficacy in a pig-model .I need financial suppot to create a company,to produce and market our device,which in a similar way as the AICDs-will save much more lives -which is really the goal of your prestigious,powerfull organization,as well as being a profitable investment. If you are interested I will send you my last international presentation sides and the paper published on the successfull trial in a pig-model,that received the Neufeld prize from the ISRAELI HEART ASSOCIATION as well AS the numerous papers on the problems of existing AEDs-that explains why they are not for home use and wait eagerly for your respone.
Sincerely yours-prof.TEDDY WEISS,MD,FACC,from the Hadassah University HOSPITAL,Jerusalem,ISRAEL

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