Jennifer Chap

Co-Founder, StrataVerve and Buddy CPR

Orlando, Florida

Jennifer Chap is co-founder of BuddyCPR and co-founder of StrataVerve, a strategic marketing and research practice. In 2012 Jennifer came face-to-face with SCA, when her husband, Rick, suffered SCA at home. Alerted by their cat, Buddy, Jennifer dialed 911 and performed dispatcher-assisted CPR until help arrived.

Citing her own shock when SCA struck, Jennifer is passionate to improve awareness and understanding of SCA/CPR/AEDs so that more people are aware and prepared to act. Jennifer applies her 30+ years of marketing experience to support the cause. StrataVerve has performed two national public awareness and messaging studies for SCA Foundation with the goal of motivating bystander action. Jennifer is an advisor/volunteer with SCA Foundation, CPR/AED volunteer BLS instructor for Orlando Fire Department, and an avid speaker to save more lives from SCA.

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