Archive - Jan 19, 2012 - SCA Article

Archive - Jan 19, 2012 - SCA Article

Paramedics Can Perform CPR Well While Sitting in Ambulance

Rescuers performing chest compressions in a moving ambulance should sit down instead of standing, experts now advise.

A recent trial showed that paramedics can do chest compressions comparably well in both positions, but they themselves are safer when they are seated with seat belts.

Researchers had 14 emergency medical technicians and paramedics perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a manikin in a moving ambulance, 150 chest compressions in both seated and standing positions.

While seated, the average compression depth was 5cm at an average rate of 120 per minute, with 92% full chest recoil. While standing, the average compression depth was 5.5cm at a rate of 123 per minute with 82% full recoil.

Compressing is too deep when standing

Pillow Talk: First AHA Advice on Sex and Heart Disease

Houston, TX - New advice indicates that sexual activity is safe for the majority of heart disease patients and that doctors—as well as patients and their partners—should endeavor to bring up the subject of sex in discussions [1]. The guidance comes from the first-ever American Heart Association (AHA) scientific statement to address the issue, which is published online today in Circulation.

Lawsuit Filed Against Fitness Center for Failing to Use AED on SCA Victim

EDWARDSVILLE, IL--An Alton man has filed suit against the owners of Nautilus Fitness Center in Alton, claiming the facility failed to have the proper heart resuscitation equipment on hand when the plaintiff had a sudden cardiac arrest.

Trent Rice claims the center disobeyed a state law by failing to have on hand an automated external defibrillator (AED), which is required under Illinois law. The suit filed in Madison County Circuit Court claims Rice was working out at the facility when he collapsed from sudden cardiac arrest.

The suit claims Rice suffered permanent injuries to his heart and brain that could have been averted. Rice has a court-appointed guardian, Cindy Rice, who is pursuing the suit in his behalf.

The attorney for Nautilus said the facility actually did have the required equipment, but Rice fell off the back of a treadmill and landed face-down.

"He was a fairly large man," the attorney said.

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