Archive - 2008 - SCA Article

Archive - 2008 - SCA Article

July 19th

Miracle Man Looks to God for Guidance.

Tomas Schafer, Boise, ID – 61 at time of event (2008)

Tomas SchaferHe’s six-foot tall, strong and fit, and weighed 200 lbs before he began exercising one Monday afternoon in February this year. Tomas can’t really tell you what happened. In fact this ex-sports-journalist told me can’t even remember the 2008 Super Bowl. “We had guests over to watch it together and, apparently, it was an exciting game!” He also lost Christmas, New Years and all of January. He does, however, have love; his fiancée Marilee can attest to that. And he has God guiding him forward through this troubling time.

July 18th

For Colby It Was Nearly RIP at the PIR!

Colby Brooks, Portland, OR – 30 at time of event (2008)

Colby Brooks is an athlete, just like his brothers. “I’m super-active,” he says with pride, describing how he goes hiking and biking alone into the mountains with 80 pounds of camping gear on his back. While he wouldn’t class his physical exertions as extreme sports, you could certainly say they are at that end of the spectrum. His specific interest is bike racing—the kind that requires you to pump hard with your legs. In fact he was doing just that one Monday last month in the Mountain Bike Short Track Series at PIR (Portland International Raceway). Today, he can’t really remember that fateful evening. He can only relay the story he’s been told.

July 12th

SCA Survivors Can Expect Good Long-term Quality of Life

July 17, 2008–MARBURG, Germany-- Resuscitated cardiac arrest patients treated in an ICU who leave the hospital without severe neurological disabilities may expect a reasonable quality of life over the next five years, a German study found.

"We believe our study is the first to demonstrate that patients who leave the hospital following cardiac arrest without severe neurological disabilities may expect fair long-term survival and quality of life for reasonable expenses to the healthcare system," Dr. Graf's team concluded.

One Cardiac Arrest, Two Lives and Four Decades of Cardiac Education!

Jose Antoni, M.D., Corpus Christi ,TX – 40 at time of event (1967)

Dr. Antoni recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of his cardiac arrest and the memory of that day is still fresh. He and a friend were having breakfast one morning prior to going fishing, when he felt nauseous, with a vague pressure in his chest. As he describes it “I was in denial. I was feeling pretty sick. But I was only forty40 years old, and I said ‘This is not going to happen to me’”.

July 11th

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Cheri Olson, M.D., La Crosse, WI – 51 at the time of the event (2008)

Dr. Cheri OlsonWhere is the best place to have a major medical emergency? In a hospital, where there is a plentiful supply of doctors and nurses. And so it was. Dr. Cheri Olson was seeing one of her more sprightly patients, Edna Athnos, and both will remember that consultation forever. Edna watched as her physician promptly died before her very eyes. Cheri had fallen onto the exam room floor and was “just gone, with her eyes open.”

July 10th

SCA Patient Survival Rates Double By Using ELS

July 11, 2008­–When combined with the conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), extracorporeal life support (ELS) can double the survival of adult hospital patients in comparison with CPR alone. These results were released on July 7, 2008 in The Lancet.

July 9th

A visit to the dentist saved his life.

Steve Doochin, Scarsdale, NY – 50 at time of event (2000) - now DECEASED

Steve was more than the average type A personality, maybe even type AAA. Now, he feels more like a type A-. He was pushing the envelope of life and feeling a little clammy one June day in 2000, while at a CVS store getting the prescriptions for their kids’ summer camp. He recalled a recent visit to the dentist, where he was told he had high blood pressure. So, while waiting for the prescriptions, he tried out the blood pressure cuff, and said to himself “There’s something wrong with this machine.” The reading just didn’t seem right.

June 26th

Tim Russert's Gift: A National Discourse on Sudden Cardiac Arrest

June 26, 2008­–PITTSBURGH, PA–Reports indicate that NBC journalist Tim Russert died from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) resulting from a heart attack. Russert’s sudden death may help save other lives by raising awareness about the critical importance of calling 911, giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and using an automated external defibrillator (AED) immediately when SCA strikes.

“Perhaps Tim’s final gift to the nation was to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and the simple actions anyone can take to save a life,” said Bobby V. Khan, MD, PhD, Board Chairman of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and Assistant Professor of Medicine/Cardiology, Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta.

June 22nd

ECCU: Improving the Odds of Survival

About 1200 national and international CPR instructors, EMS providers and community champions attended the Emergency Cardiac Care Update (ECCU) in Las Vegas June 13-15th. We are thrilled to be hosting ECCU in Las Vegas, highlighting the latest science and education in CPR and AED use in a community that has led the nation in this approach, said Tom Aufderheide, MD, President of the Citizen CPR Foundation, which conducts the conference every two years. The survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in Las Vegas casinos is among the highest in the nation, thanks to prompt use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) by security guards.

The conference opened with a welcome from Honorable Oscar Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas, followed by a keynote address by Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD, and Tom Rea, MD, MPH, of Seattle/King County: Improving the Odds of Cardiac Arrest Survival—Formula for Success.

June 15th

Roman Matlaga Wins SCA Foundation's 2008 People Saving People(TM) Award

Roman Matlaga

Roman Matlaga - Winner of the SCA Foundation’s People Saving People™ Award

June 15, 2008–Las Vegas, NV–Roman Matlaga was recognized on Sunday, June 15—Father’s Day—as the winner of the SCA Foundation’s People Saving People™ Award during the Citizen CPR Foundation’s biennial conference, the Emergency Cardiac Care Update, in Las Vegas.

Roman Matlaga - Winner of the SCA Foundation’s People Saving People™ Award

Mary Newman, Foundation President, presenting award to David Belkin

Mary Newman, Foundation President, presenting award to David Belkin

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation is to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest. The vision of the SCA Foundation is to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and influence attitudinal and behavioral changes that will reduce mortality and morbidity from SCA.

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