Archive - Feb 2015 - Campaign Article

Archive - Feb 2015 - Campaign Article

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February 26th

Sen. Dominick Ruggerio, Proposes Schools in Rhode Island Should Have AEDs

Sen. Ruggerio bill requires AEDs in all middle, high schools
PROVIDENCE, RI--About 325,000 Americans suffer sudden cardiac arrest every year and about 95 percent of them die before reaching a hospital. Although no official statistics have been gathered about sudden cardiac arrest in children, it is estimated that several hundred children under the age of 21 succumb each year.

Global Summit Takes Aim at Sudden Heart Death in Athletes

SEATTLE, WA--Top sports-cardiology and -medicine physicians are meeting this weekend in Seattle to discuss efforts to improve cardiac safety in athletes.

The conference is driven by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Center.

Speakers hope to reach consensus on recommended scientific standards for interpreting electrocardiograms (ECG), the diagnostic test most often used to assess the electrical and muscular functions of the heart.

Two New Jersey Athletic Trainers Team Up to Save the Life of a Spectator

TRENTON, NJ--On January 30, 2015, David Csillan, Head Athletic Trainer with Ewing High School and Tammy Osterhout, Assistant Athletic Trainer with Rancocas Valley High School were taking in their respective team’s game at the Jeff Coney Classic Tournament. David decided to travel to the game that night, which is not something he ordinarily does. Tammy was working the game as the host site Athletic Trainer. Following the game, Ewing High School Athletic Director Bud Kowal ran into the Blue Devils’ locker room. He told Csillan that he was needed in the stands. 

February 24th

California Bill Would Require CPR to Graduate High School

Twenty other states, one California district have made training mandatory

SACRAMENTO, CA--A Democratic assemblyman has introduced a bill into the California Legislature that would require students to learn how to perform CPR before they graduate high school. 

Assembly Bill 319 was introduced Friday by Assemblyman Freddie Rodriguez, D-Pomona, who said the bill would empower young people to save lives.

February 11th

Wimberly & Garcia Bill to Require Defibrillators at Youth Athletic Events in N.J. Advanced by Assembly Panel

"Not to have AEDs on site in this day and age is unacceptable."

TRENTON, NJ--Legislation Assembly Democrats Benjie Wimberly and Carmelo Garcia sponsored to save lives by requiring local recreation departments, youth serving organizations and camps to have automated external defibrillators for youth athletic events was released Thursday by an Assembly panel.

"We know defibrillators save lives," said Wimberly (D-Passaic/Bergen). "With these devices readily available, we need to ensure they're there when we need them. It's tragic to think that a life could have been saved had a defibrillator simply been present. Let's ensure that never happens."

"This is a common sense bill, but also the moral thing to do," said Garcia (D-Hudson). "Defibrillators save lives. It's that simple, and to not have them on-site when needed in this day and age is unacceptable."

February 2nd

Governor, Michigan Department of Community Health Promote Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young

LANSING, MI--Every year, sudden cardiac death of the young (SCDY) claims the lives of more than 300 children and young adults under the age of 40 in Michigan.  That's why this February, Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) are joining the campaign to celebrate American Heart Month and promote ways to prevent death at a younger age due to cardiac conditions. As part of the efforts, Gov. Snyder has proclaimed February 2-6 as Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young (SCDY) Awareness Week. 

"Cardiac arrest is often an unexpected event and is especially frightening when a young person is involved," said Dr. Matthew Davis, chief medical executive with the MDCH. "Early recognition and immediate interventin is critical for survival, and our hope is that all Michigan residents will know how to respond when someone has a cardiac arrest." 

Proposed Bill Close to Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner's Heart

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK-- Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike at any time and at any age. A new bill supported by Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak hopes to educate Oklahomans about this condition.

Doak is supporting Michael Morris, a father who lost his teenage son to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Morris hopes legislative proposals will help educate other parents and save lives. Michael's son, Chase, died suddenly in 2013. His death came as a shock because Chase was an active 16-year-old athlete with no family history of heart disease. 

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation is to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest. The vision of the SCA Foundation is to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and influence attitudinal and behavioral changes that will reduce mortality and morbidity from SCA.

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