Archive - 2014 - Blog entry

Archive - 2014 - Blog entry

December 11th

What I couldn't mention in my September 25th blog entry...

In November I made a presentation at the AHA about the incidence and magnitude of leaning. ("leaning" is what some people call "not getting to full recoil")

The short form is that in a study where the cohort's age distribution approximated that of cardiac arrest victims, sixty percent of those tested exhibited enough residual force at the top of the recoil stroke to negatively impact a victim's probability of survival.

The reason for using a cohort with the same age distribution as the victims is that more than two-thirds of all SCAs occur at home, and if there is another person present who is capable of performing CPR, that person is usually about the same age as the victim.

December 4th

Just a crazy question

Hey everyone, I was sitting here wondering what kind of fund raising is done for the SCAF? I have been riding motorcycles for roughly 35 years, and have been on many fund raising rides for many different causes, but don't ever recall a SCAF ride. I would be interested in putting one together here in the Midwest. Is this a plausible idea?

December 2nd

In Memory of My Sweet Dad

I never thought this would happen to our family. My dad had a heart attack in his 50's, had a stent placed, continued with life as normal, always healthy and active, worked his entire life. My dad, Michael Atkins, 76 years young, died suddenly on November 2, 2014 from sudden cardiac death. He showed no prior symptoms (and always went for his checkups, stress tests, etc) and had just began to lay carpet with my son and there was another man present also. He was laughing and joking and suddenly collapsed on the floor. My son had no training in CPR but was guided over the phone by EMS on what to do and did the best he possibly could. EMS arrived in about 5 minutes and worked with my dad for over 30 minutes, but to no avail. My son described the symptoms (gasping breaths, twitching of the arm and turning blue) which depict SCA. We are all heart broken and wish we could have said goodbye. My dad was loved by all and his great advice, wisdom, and hugs will be missed by all.

December 1st

Want to Support the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation At No Cost to You? Go Shopping.

Support the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. Go Shopping.Shopping online this holiday season? Please consider shopping at AmazonSmile and the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, every time you shop, at no cost to you. 

November 21st

Our Health California Supports Pulse Point App to Provide Bystander Assistance for Victims of SCA

Richard Price was having lunch when he heard the familiar sound of an approaching siren. To his surprise, the paramedics pulled up right in front of the restaurant. Someone next door was lying unconscious and unresponsive after collapsing. Richard was a veteran 30-year firefighter and was just feet from this cardiac arrest victim — but completely unaware of their peril.

At that moment he realized just how much fate or good luck is involved in having a CPR-trained individual in the exact right place at the exact right time. As fire chief, he spent years training as many people as possible in CPR and placing defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the community.

November 17th

Invitation For Visit : Precarmed : Cardiometabolic Risk Prevention

Im a new member and i want invite you to visite our twitter and FBook pages :

Thanks a lot. My best Regards for all of you


November 14th

Loss of a Survivor and Champion

Jim BaumJim Baum was a good neighbor. After seeing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) mounted in the Chicago O’Hare Airport, he spoke to a physician friend about them and decided that he should have a device in each of his homes because his neighbors were elderly. Little did he know, Jim would later be saved by one of the devices. That was in 2003.

Jim was a true believer in the value of AEDs. One Christmas, he gave each of his children AEDs for their homes.

November 6th

Bystander CPR

I believe that the greatest area of improvement in the quest to raise the SCA survival rate is raising the community's awareness of the need and effectiveness of bystander CPR. I want to challenge everyone reading this blog that you would adopt your community in which you will champion the cause of bystander CPR. Organize a local committee whose purpose is to go to as many schools, businesses, organizations, churches, and sports teams to show them how easy it could be to save a life. Will you become part of a community effort that could save hundreds of lives in your community and as

October 30th

Troubling, indeed

A federal appeals court in California ruled this week in support of the California Supreme Court in the case of Verdugo v. Target. 

[The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation had submitted an amicus curiae brief in support of the plaintiff in this case.]

While it is extremely disappointing that the California courts have not recognized the importance of preparing for sudden cardiac arrest in big box stores such as Target, it is good to know that while Judge Harry Pregerson, part of a three-member appeals court panel, accepted the decision, he called it "troubling."

The devices are “inexpensive, nearly foolproof,” and “should be as common as first-aid kits,” he said. 

October 21st

Governor Cuomo Signs CPR in Schools Bill

From the Capitol Confidential, in case you had not seen it:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill that, if approved by the state Board of Regents, would mandate the teaching of CPR in schools.

It is among a batch of bills he signed earlier.

Here are some details about the CPR measure by supporters. It seems like it’s a good bet for approval by the Board of Regents, who have been making nice lately with the public and teachers unions, as evidenced by Monday’s approval of alternate pathways to graduation. That’s in contrast with a year ago when the Regents and Education Commissioner John King Jr. were being vilified over Common Core and its attendant testing program. The signed bill now goes to the state Commissioner of Education, who has 180 days to recommend to the Board of Regents that they include CPR and AED instruction in the curriculum. The Regents have 60 days to act after the commissioner’s report. 

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