Archive - May 2015

Archive - May 2015

Study Shows Public Access Defibrillators Are Increasing Survival But Are Not Being Used Enough

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK--New research presented at this year's Euroanaesthesia shows that use of public access defibrillation on people suffering cardiac arrest is associated with a large increase in chances of survival. However, despite the great potential, publicly accessible Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are not being used enough, concludes research by Dr. Marianne Agerskov and colleagues at Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Student Athletes, Sudden Cardiac Death and Lifesaving Legislation

A literature review from the Journal of Pediatric Health Care examined the use of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) for student athletes experiencing sudden cardiac arrest and variances in state legislation regarding the mandatory placement of AEDs in school gymnasiums and athletic fields. Researchers Nicole Garritano and Melissa Wilmarth-Stec searched multiple databases and evaluated 17 articles based on Stetler's strength of evidence guidelines.

They found that additional evidence-based research is needed to support the long-term outcomes of AED legislation and its utility in sparing the lives of student athletes. However, they stated the evidence supporting early intervention, a coordinated emergency plan, and rapid emergency medical services response is conclusive enough to warrant state or federal legislation mandating that AEDs be present in all school gyms and athletic fields.

May 28th

NCAA Basketball Players More Prone to Sudden Cardiac Death

Cause of sudden cardiac arrests questioned; researchers seek to improve screening and prevention

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes have a significantly higher incidence of sudden cardiac death than previously thought, especially among men, African Americans, and male basketball players, according to a study published May 14 in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. In addition, the main cause of sudden cardiac death differs from what is commonly assumed to be the root of the problem.
The study, "Incidence, Etiology, and Comparative Frequency of Sudden Cardiac Death in NCAA Athletes: A Decade in Review" was conducted by researchers from the University of Washington, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, Mayo Clinic, and Brown University.

May 26th

Survivor Mike Papale to Appear on PBS to Help Raise Awareness About Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Athletes

Mike PapaleHAMDEN, CT and PITTSBURGH, PA – Quinnipiac Men's Basketball Director of Operations Mike Papale, along with his mother Joan Papale, will be interviewed for the television show Second Opinion on June 12 at a studio in downtown Rochester, NY, to discuss sudden cardiac arrest and help raise awareness by sharing his story. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation facilitated the connection between Papale and Second Opinion.

May 25th

Right Side Up

Bruce Evans, Sussex, WI– 52 at time of event (2014)

May 18th

AHA Keeps the Beat A Capella Style With New Hands-Only™ CPR Training Video

DALLAS, TX-- In only one minute, you can learn how to save a life. Trust us, it's worth your time, because 70 percent of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen at home, so the life you save is likely to be someone you know and love. The American Heart Association says Hands-Only CPR can double or triple a victim's chance of survival and is as effective as CPR with breaths. 

May 14th

Michigan Recognizes 122 Schools Prepared for Cardiac Emergencies

LANSING, MI--The Michigan departments of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), and Education (MDE); American Heart Association (AHA); Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA); and Michigan Alliance for Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young (MAP-SCDY) have awarded 122 schools in Michigan with the MI HEARTSafe School designation which recognizes schools that are prepared to respond to cardiac emergencies.

“Sudden cardiac death claims the lives of more than 300 Michigan children and young adults between the ages of one and 39 years of age each year,” said Dr. Eden Wells, chief medical executive of MDHHS. “Implementation of CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) within 3-5 minutes is crucial for increasing the chance of survival. Cardiac arrest is often unexpected and frightening, and I’m pleased to see so many of our schools taking preventative measures to address this health issue.”

Activity After ICD Implantation May Predict Survival

Study Highlights

  • Patients who stayed active following ICD implantation had better survival rates.
  • Information collected by ICD devices may one day help clinicians identify and help patients at higher risk for adverse outcomes.

DALLAS, TX--Patients who had higher activity levels following ICD implantation had better survival, according to research in the Journal of the American Heart Association. The research will be simultaneously presented at the Heart Rhythm Society 2015 Scientific Sessions.

Even Olympic Athletes Have Cardiac Abnormalities and May Be at Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Screening study of more than 2,000 elite athletes reveals 'surprisingly' high prevalence of cardiovascular abnormalities

May 11th

Finally an answer


My son had an SCA last July (16 years old). I just received his genetic testing results which was positive for Long QT Syndrome. If anybody can give me information I would appreciate it.



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