Archive - Oct 8, 2013

Archive - Oct 8, 2013

Medical field responds to high school football player deaths

Moving swiftly and efficiently is key to dealing with catastrophic injury, head trauma and cardiac arrest, say medical experts.

Speed and quickness are a vital part of all sports — particularly in football.

In light of a recent rash of death on high school gridirons throughout the land, parents, coaches and medical professionals need to move faster, say sports medicine professionals.

"I think that we're getting better in terms of getting information out and awareness," said Jonathan Drezner, a past president for the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and current team physician for the Seattle Seahawks and University of Washington. "But when we continue to lose life, we can't move fast enough."

On Sunday, South Harrison (Lost Creek, W. Va.) senior Dylan Jeffries, 17, died after collapsing during a Sept. 27 game and being placed in a medically induced coma due to a blood clot on his brain. Surgery to remove the blood clot did not work.

'Hands-Only' CPR Taught at SRVHS Game

If you saw a tent dedicated to teaching 'hands-only' CPR at the San Ramon Valley High football games this week, it was in honor of the National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month.
The HeartSafe Committee taught hands-only CPR and the proper use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) during half-time of the junior varsity game through half-time of the varsity game inside the San Ramon Valley High School Stadium.

The CPR tent was set up near the field, so all fans had the opportunity to learn how to save a life.

“CPR is something everyone should learn, like riding a bike or learning to swim,” said Joe Farrell, San Ramon Valley HeartSafe Committee member and sudden cardiac arrest survivor.

“I was fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time to save someone using CPR and then just a year later to have someone else use their knowledge of CPR to save me.”

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