Archive - Jun 2012

Archive - Jun 2012

June 20th

Master Swimmers Don't Die…

Brian Duffield, Tucson, AZ – 40 at time of event (2006)

Brian Duffield

Brian is a member of a US Masters Swimmer group. There are about 40 of them in Tucson that get together regularly and swim their hearts out at the University of Arizona pool. On this particular Tuesday morning Brian nearly did! About half way into the session he didn’t feel at all well, and got out of the pool with an unusual fatigue. He decided to finish for the day and shower. That was when his chin hit the floor. He doesn’t know anything about it as he was unconscious at the time. Luckily, a young man witnessed the fall and raised the alarm.

June 19th

Salesmen Use Their Equipment to Save Man's Life

DALLAS, TX -- Two men used the same equipment they sell to save a man's life while he was dying on the floor of a gym.

Kyle Smith and Alex Torda sell automated external defibrillators, and one of their customers is LA Fitness.

Jim Breuel was lying unconscious on the floor for two minutes before he finally got the help he needed.

Kyle Smith noticed two gym employees standing over Breuel, and then he jumped into action.

"I could tell they were in shock, you know, not really responding," Smith said. "I took control of the situation, told the guy to grab the AED and started doing CPR. At that point Alex ran over."

The two got Breuel's shirt off, analyzed his heartbeat and let the machine do the rest.

June 13th

Floods & Mudslides Teaching the Importance of First-Responders

Leigh McGown Kauffman, Glenwood Springs, CO – 41 at time of event (2011) The Kauffman Family

It happened suddenly, as Vtac does, at 11:00pm on Wednesday night.

Serena noticed it happening, I ran upstairs, found her grey and unresponsive, and started CPR immediately, while Serena and Rhiannon called 911. I continued CPR for around 13 minutes (documented by the emergency call to ambulance arrival time) until EMS arrived.

June 8th


If people listen to Dr. George Lundberg, it will be very unfortunate for future victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

June 7th

Cardiac Arrest Survivor Reunited With Rescuers

PITTSBURGH – It has been estimated that only five percent of patients who suffer sudden cardiac arrest survive.

On Friday, one of the lucky ones had a chance to meet the men and women who saved his life.

It was a joyful reunion at Canonsburg General Hospital where Susan Canfield met the many people who helped save her husband’s life.

“It was late afternoon or early evening and all hell broke loose,” Canfield said.

Almost exactly one month ago Daniel Canfield stopped breathing on the deck after dinner.

“Yeah, I wonder why it happened. There was no signs leading up to it, you know. I was in pretty good shape, good health. And then out of nowhere — boom it happened. It surprised the hell out of me,” Daniel Canfield said.

Susan and Daniel have been married for only six years and it was the first marriage for both of them.

Birmingham Survival Rates Double, But Are Still Relatively Low

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- In 2006, when UAB joined the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium that covers 10 U.S. and Canadian cities, five out of 269 patients with cardiac arrests in metro Birmingham survived, which was 3 percent survival after the data was adjusted to consortium standards.

The latest data from 2010 shows that 28 of 430 patients -- 6 percent -- survived.

Dr. Henry Wang, associate professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham's department of emergency medicine, said he thinks Birmingham can do much better.

People in Seattle and Pittsburgh have 16 percent survival after suffering out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. For this research, survival means the patient was able to walk out of the hospital and again lead a meaningful life.

June 6th

An Exciting Time to Be in the World of Resuscitation

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- Just the idea of performing CPR can intimidate the average person, whether it’s the thought of what’s at stake or simply trying to remember all of the steps. A move to simplify cardiopulmonary resuscitation practices for the public is one of many advances important to highlight during CPR Awareness Month, says Mayo Clinic resuscitation expert Roger White, M.D., and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Advisor.

June 4th

I Have an Avenue to Tell My Story that Most People Don't

Susan Koeppen, Pittsburgh, PA – 39 at time of event (2011)

Susan KoeppenAs a news anchor on Pittsburgh’s KDKA TV, Susan Koeppen is used to reporting the news. But on November 20, 2011, she made news when she suffered sudden cardiac death near her home in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood.

June 1st

AED Scavenger Hunt Kicks Off in Denver

DENVER – The American Heart Association, American Red Cross, Denver Health & University of Colorado are challenging the public to participate in a massive, weeklong scavenger hunt throughout the Denver-metro area in the name of saving lives.

The AED Scavenger Hunt will kick off Saturday, June 2, in conjunction with National CPR-AED Awareness Week. The initiative challenges participants to find as many automated external defibrillators (AEDs) as possible in the community. Teams and individuals that locate the greatest number of devices during the weeklong hunt will be eligible to win prizes – but the biggest prize is knowing that their work could help save a life.

WHAT:                    AED Scavenger Hunt

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation to Host Workshops for Survivors and Families at ECCU, September 13-14, in Orlando

Pittsburgh, PA--Working in collaboration with the Citizen CPR Foundation (CCPRF), the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation will offer workshops on September 13-14 for sudden cardiac arrest survivors and their loved ones during CCPRF's Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) conference in Orlando.

ECCU promotes and celebrates the art, science, and impact of cardiac resuscitation. 

The SCA Foundation will offer the following:

  • Coming to Terms: Emotional Aspects of Being a Survivor
  • Life After Death: What SCA Survivors, Families and Friends Understand--and Healthcare Practitioners Need to Know
  • Clinical and Psychological Aspects of Near-Death Experiences: An Interactive Discussion with SCA Survivors.

Speakers include:

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation is to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest. The vision of the SCA Foundation is to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and influence attitudinal and behavioral changes that will reduce mortality and morbidity from SCA.

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