Archive - Apr 19, 2012

Archive - Apr 19, 2012

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Quick thinking saves the life of a Bixby high school student

By Rick Couri

Not everyone is good in a crisis situation but Monday in Bixby, several were. A student at Bixby high school called 911 after a 15 year old named John collapsed from cardiac arrest. EMSA dispatcher Trent Morris took that call and talked a teacher through the use of an AED. "Luckily Bixby high school has their teachers trained in CPR and AED use and that's what saved that young mans life" trent told us.

The AED did it's job and John's heart responded. He was taken to St Francis hospital where he was in critical condition. Thursday Morris got a rare treat, he met John’s grandmother Barbara Smart. Barbara hugged Trent for what seemed like minutes while she repeated "Thank you Trent, thank you Trent, bless your heart."

DC Metro Checking Defibrillators After Man Dies from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Washington, D.C.--Metro is launching a systemwide check of its defibrillators following the death of a man after an apparent heart attack on a Yellow Line train this week.

The device at Pentagon station was insufficiently charged, according to a Metro statement Thursday, and General Manager Richard Sarles ordered the review.

Transit officials planned to complete checks of defibrillators at 46 rail stations that have them by the end of Thursday. The statement said that by the end of April, Metro plans to put defibrillators at kiosks in all 86 stations and to replace units that date from 2000 with “state-of-the-art” devices.”

Dan Stessel, Metro’s chief spokesman, said the machine at the Pentagon station was ”an older unit.”

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