Archive - Nov 16, 2012

Archive - Nov 16, 2012

Do People Turn to Twitter to Learn CPR Info?

Amid snarky comments and links to cat videos, some Twitter users turn to the social network to find and post information on cardiac arrest and CPR, according to a new study.

Over a month, researchers found 15,324 messages - known as tweets - on Twitter that included specific information about resuscitation and cardiac arrest.

"From a science standpoint, we wanted to know if we can reliably find information on a public health topic, or is (Twitter) just a place where people describe what they ate that day," said the study's lead author Dr. Raina M. Merchant.

According to the researchers, they did find some people using Twitter to send and receive a wide variety of information on CPR and cardiac arrest, including their personal experiences, questions and current events.

After Coach Nearly Dies, Students Learn CPR

BELLE PLAINE, Minn. – By 2014, all children in public schools in Minnesota will be required to have a class in CPR.

But, after a big scare at Belle Plaine Junior/Senior High School earlier this year, students there are already learning how to save lives.

On Friday morning, just about 500 high schoolers took part in a CPR/AED course put on by the Belle Plaine Fire and Police Department, as well as the Ridgeview Medical Center.

At first, it looked like a strange dance. Hundreds of kids yelling, and their bodies moving to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive.”

That’s the beat that’s now used to do CPR and the beat that helped save teacher and football coach Ken Wick’s life.

The last thing Wick remembers from Sept. 11, 2012 is heading to his seventh grade football practice. He had been watching warm-ups when another coach told him he went down.

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