Archive - Oct 8, 2012

Archive - Oct 8, 2012

North Carolina Joins the Sweeping Trend.

North Carolina has passed a law requiring CPR training for graduation from High School.


There are now a handful of states who require CPR training before graduation, and the pace is accelerating, largely due to the AHA's activist role in encouraging states to adopt such legislation.

The number continues to grow. Way to go, AHA!

They are getting with the program...

First two paragraphs form focal Chicago report about Chicago Marathon: The successful defibrillation was treated almost with a yawn. That's super because it means that (a) there was a defibrillator on scene and there is a growing expectation that it will be there and used.


"Marathon runner suffers cardiac arrest but fewer rushed to hospitals


"One man suffered cardiac arrest in the last miles of the race, but cool weather kept injuries down in this year’s Bank of American Chicago Marathon, race officials said. The cool weather provided nearly ideal conditions for runners, and the men’s winner broke the course record.

Marathon Runner Recovering After Cardiac Arrest

CHICAGO--A runner who suffered sudden cardiac arrest during Sunday's Bank of America Chicago Marathon collapsed within a block of a medical tent, marathon organizers said.

The 47-year-old man was approaching the 21st mile on the Near South Side when a medical school student and a doctor saw him collapse, Dr. George Chiampas, the marathon's medical director, said Monday.

The two marathon volunteers rushed to his side and saw that he was unresponsive, Chiampas said. One of them began performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the man, while the other went back to the tent for a defibrillator.

The volunteers shocked the man once to restart his heart. When he still wasn't breathing on his own, they shocked him a second time, Chiampas said. He became responsive after the second shock.

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