Archive - Jan 2, 2012

Archive - Jan 2, 2012

Taiwan Airport Adds 50 AEDs

TAIPEI--Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport has installed 50 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to meet the emergency needs of travelers who experience sudden cardiac arrest, airport officials said Saturday.The life-saving devices, introduced with the help of corporate sponsors, are part of the airport's efforts to enhance safety, the officials said.

Eight of the AEDs are in Terminal 1, 11 are in Terminal 2 and 31 are in air bridges, they said, adding that the airport will provide training to its staff to strengthen their skills in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation and using AEDs. The AED is an electronic device designed for use by non-professionals. It can detect heart rhythms and automatically administer electric shocks to restore a normal heart beat in cases of heart failure.

Cable Guy Saves A Life

VANCOUVER, BC-- What could have been a tragic Christmas for a Langley family, remained a time of celebration and gratitude, thanks to the quick actions of a stranger.

 Shaw Cable technician Paul Schulli had come to David and Marianna Sibley’s home to set up a new high definition television box.

 But when  David suddenly had a cardiac arrest and collapsed, Schulli rushed to the 79-year-old man’s side and performed life-saving CPR.

Had it not been for Schulli’s swift actions, David would likely not be alive today.

And for that, his family is calling Schulli a hero.

“It seems like everyone is being called a hero today, but there are heroes and then there are real heroes. Paul is a real hero,” said David’s daughter, Linda Sibley.

“He didn’t panic, he just did what he needed to do.”

Linda was at work in her office in New Zealand when she heard that her dad had suffered a stroke and was in a coma.

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