Archive - Sep 9, 2011

Archive - Sep 9, 2011

What you can do to get more public-access AEDs in your area.

1. Every time you walk into a store, ask them where the AED is. If they say "We don't have one" you can respond "Doesn't it make you nervous to work in a place that doesn't have one? It makes me nervous to shop someplace that doesn't have one." It will eventually make them think.

2. Call the schools in your area. Ask them how many public access AEDs they have and where they are. While you have the school on the line, ask if they ever have an athletic practice or game without there being an AED at the scene of the event.

Be prepared for some pretty dis-heartening answers. And be prepared for some really pathetic ones, too. Answers such as "Our AED is locked in the nurse's office so that nobody gets hurt." or "We don't take the AED to home games. If we need it we'll just have a student run into the building and get it."

And don't be surprised if you hear "What's an AED?"

All Denver Public Schools to Receive at Least One AED

DENVER — This week, Denver Public Schools began installing 179 defibrillators for the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest — thanks to the Save a Life Denver program. Every school will have at least one, and large schools with multiple buildings, such as the Evie Garrett Dennis Campus, will receive up to four, said DPS spokeswoman Kristy Armstrong.

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