Archive - Sep 21, 2011

Archive - Sep 21, 2011

Senate Subcommittee Votes to Restore Funding for the Rural AED Act

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor-HHS-Education yesterday voted to set aside $2.5 million for the HRSA's Rural Access to Emergency Devices (AED) Program, thanks in large part to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Coalition, including the American Heart Association, working with Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa.

Harkin's support for the funding was based in part on the personal testimony of Mari Ann Wearda, a sudden cardiac arrest survivor from Iowa.

This proposed funding level in the Subcommittee mark will restore this life-saving program to its FY 2010 level.

The President's 2012 budget had eliminated the program and HRSA had cut it back to $236,000 for 2011.

Accuracy makes a difference.

The story below ran under the headline "Azle Student Athlete Hurt on the Field"

I would argue that the headline "Azie Student Athlete died on field, saved by CPR & AED" not only would be more accurate, but would be more likely to cause a reader to consider making sure that all the schools in their area had trained personnel and READY ACCESS TO AN AED AT EVERY ATHLETIC CONTEST AND PRACTICE.


Azle Student Athlete Hurt on the Field
Published : Tuesday, 20 Sep 2011, 9:16 PM CDT
FOX 4 News Web Team

AZLE, Texas - A seventh grade football player from Azle Junior High School stopped breathing after a violent collision during a game Tuesday night.

It happened at the school. He was hit on the field and stopped breathing.

The school district said trainers and a school nurse performed CPR and used a portable defibrillator on the boy until paramedics arrived. He started breathing again.

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