Archive - Aug 2011

Archive - Aug 2011

August 2nd

Florida High School Football Player Dies After Practice

LAKE CITY, Fla. — Donteria J. (DJ) Searcy, a junior on the 2011 Fitzgerald High football team, died Tuesday during the team's camp at O'Leno State Park in Columbia County, Fla.

DJ SearcySearcy had participated in a morning practice with his teammates. At approximately 11:15 a.m. he was found unresponsive in his cabin at the park. An ambulance transported Searcy to the Lake City (Fla.) Medical Center. EMTs and emergency room physicians attempted to revive him, but were unsuccessful.

Do Animal Models Work?

New study calls into question reliance on animal models in cardiovascular research

Human hearts respond differently than mouse hearts to two cardiovascular drugs

Anyone who follows science has read enthusiastic stories about medical breakthroughs that include the standard disclaimer that the results were obtained in mice and might not carry over to humans. Much later, there might be reports that a drug has been abandoned because clinical trials turned up unforeseen side effects or responses in humans. Given the delay, most readers probably don’t connect the initial success and the eventual failure. But Igor Efimov, PhD, a biomedical engineer at Washington University in St. Louis who studies the biophysical and physiological mechanisms that underlie heart rhythm disorders, is acutely aware of the failure of once-promising drugs to pass clinical trials.

Kayla Burt died in 2002

Kayla Burt, a former University of Washington basketball star, died in 2002 of a sudden cardiac arrest and recently was hired as an outreach coordinator for The Hope Heart Institute, a nonprofit research and education organization in Bellevue.

Her recovery from death-by-SCA has been attributed to her teammates having performed CPR on her until the medics arrived.

In 2002, this was a rare happening. Today it is more common. Yet several hundred thousand people die every year in the U.S.A., just because it isn't common enough. If you haven't been trained in Bystander CPR in the past year, just go do it. You have a one-in-seven chance of seeing at least one sudden cardiac arrest in your lifetime, and when you do, it will most likely be a family member or friend.

Of all the lines you don't want to hear at a funeral, the worst is "I meant to take a CPR course, but hadn't gotten around to it."

August 1st

Max Harry Weil, Physician Who Helped Improve Odds of Survival from SCA, Dies at 84

Max Harry WeilMax Harry Weil, MD, PhD, ScD (Hon) died on July 29, 2011 at his home in Rancho Mirage surrounded by family. He was 84.

Dr. Weil was Founding President of the Weil Institute for Critical Care Medicine, which was founded in 1961 at the University of California School of Medicine. The Institute’s predecessor in 1959 created the nation’s first cardiovascular resuscitation ward.

Born on February 9, 1927, in Baden, Switzerland to Gretl and Marcel Weil, he was raised in Stuttgart, Germany and came to New York City at the age of 10. He attended the Bronx High School of Science and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He completed his medical degree at the State University of New York College of Medicine in Brooklyn and received his doctorate at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

SCA Claims the Life of School Coach in Texas

Wade McLainPLANO--The intense heat that has been gripping Texas contributed to the death of a long-time high school football coach. Prestonwood Christian School assistant football coach Wade McLain, 55, collapsed and died after his school's first football practice on Monday afternoon. Monday was the 31st consecutive day in the Dallas area with temperatures that soared past the 100-degree mark.

According to assistant coach and long-time friend, Jim Struther, McLain was leaving the field for a break and collapsed before he entered the field house. A team trainer performed CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) was used prior to the arrival of paramedics.

The medical examiner later said McLain's death was due to the extreme heat and underlying heart conditions.

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