Archive - 2010

Archive - 2010

December 28th

Matt Abel Wins Winter Classic Ultimate Fan Experience

Matt Abel, Winner of Winter Classic Ultimate Fan ExperienceAvid Pens fan Matt Abel, of Washington, PA, won the Winter Classic Ultimate Fan Experience, a fundraiser for the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation.

December 25th

2010 Was Banner Year for UA Resuscitation Research Group and SHARE Program

The 500th survivor of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Arizona may be one of the most significant advances for the University of Arizona’s Resuscitation Research Group and the Save Hearts in Arizona Registry & Education (SHARE) Program during 2010.

December 23rd

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone.  It is always a great feeling to spend the holidays with my family especially after surviving a cardiac arrest.  Best wishes!

December 11th

Tabitha McGlaughlin Win AED at ECCU

AED WinnerTabitha McGlaughlin of Gettyburg, Penn., was the lucky winner of an AED donated by Cardiac Science to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, during the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update, a biennial conference of the Citizen CPR Foundation. Survivor Paul Moore and his wife Thelma drew Tabitha's business card from those collected at the Foundation's exhibit booth.

From left: Jennifer Bassett, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation; Mark Hermes, Cardiac Science; Tabitha McGlaughlin; Thelma and Paul Moore; Mary Newman, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

Jordan Scott Named Winner of People Saving People Award

People Saving People AwardJordan Scott of St. John’s, Newfoundland, was named recipient of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s People Saving People(TM) Award, for saving the life of his brother, Joel, when he suffered sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) near Veracruz, Mexico. The award, which also recognized Esprit Whitewater crew members, was presented during the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update, a biennial conference of the Citizen CPR Foundation.

CPR App Development: A Bridge Between Science and Social Media

iRescU App

There are numerous smartphone and mobile computing device downloadable applications (apps) openly available for CPR instruction, real-time coaching. However, a scientific interdisciplinary approach to the development of an accessible, user-friendly, widely disseminated, and effective app is limited. 

A global interdisciplinary international team of experts in emergency care, public health, media technology, interface design, and human factors conducted a review of 22 English language apps identified a number of beneficial characteristics including:

CPR Sunday - 10/10/10

I was very excited to be invited to help the Tacoma Fire Department put on their CPR Sunday. It took place on 10/10/10 and is held once a year, Volunteer firefighters and EMTs teach CPR classes. This year was the largest day they ever had...more than 850 people learned CPR. I was able to tell my SCA survivor story before each class.

December 9th

50 Survivors Who Died and Were Brought Back to Life by CPR Celebrate a Second Chance at San Diego Gathering

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivors Help Focus Attention on Thousands of Needless and Preventable Deaths Each Year

December 3rd

Coach Saves Player with Help from iPhone App

LOS ANGELES--Xavier Jones ran across the middle of the basketball court, ready to receive a pass from a La Verne Lutheran High School teammate.

He first stumbled, then stopped, and finally keeled over motionless on the hardwood. His heart had stopped beating.

November 29th

High School Basketball Official Survives SCA…Again

MINNEAPOLIS--Dale Wakasugi, a high school basketball referee, collapsed with cardiac arrest in the middle of a girls’ high school basketball game between Rosemount and Blaine Friday night. The first time he suffered cardiac arrest during a game was in December 2007. In the first instance, people responded quickly with CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) and shocked his heart.

Surgeons then inserted an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) inside his chest to prevent sudden death in the event SCA should occur again. On Friday night, he collapsed in full cardiac arrest and the internal device shocked his heart back into a normal rhythm, saving his life.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation is to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest. The vision of the SCA Foundation is to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and influence attitudinal and behavioral changes that will reduce mortality and morbidity from SCA.

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