Archive - 2009

Archive - 2009

December 12th

Wearable Defibrillator Saves Another Life

SAN DIEGO -- A man who came to San Diego for heart surgery
credits a special device for helping save his life.

Sudden cardiac arrest kills about 50 people an hour in the
U.S., according to medical research, and Kirk Miller of Riverside County was
almost a victim.

“I was sitting at the kitchen table with my wife having
coffee, just visiting,” Miller said. Out of nowhere, he said, he suddenly
blacked out and keeled over.

“It is very scary; I was terrified,” said Miller's wife,

Kirk Miller survived this episode because he was wearing a
device called the LifeVest, which is essentially a wearable defibrillator.
Miller is the first Southern California resident to be saved by the device.

December 11th

Multi-National Attitudinal Survey on CPR Reveals CPR Performance Needs Improvement

Results Show Gaps in Perception Versus Reality of CPR Performance by Healthcare

December 10th

Bozrah, CT, Joins 41 Other Municipalities Across the State as a HEARTSafe Community.

It received the designation last week from the state
Department of Health.

PUTNAM, CT–"It’s no small achievement, and it’s a good accomplishment,”
First Selectman Bill Ballinger said.

Since August, paramedics there have trained more than 60
people in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and proper use of automated external
defibrillators. Residents also have donated nearly $22,000 to help fund
purchases and training materials.

“I think that’s a remarkable story in itself,” said Gary St.
Amand, a health program associate at the state Department of Health.

Doctors In Texas Screen Sixth-Graders For Heart Defects And Disease

Findings convince them children throughout the state should be screened

In the U.S. there is a debate about whether young athletes should undergo mandatory screening before playing sports. But now, some doctors in Texas have come to believe that all children, athletes or not, should be screened.

Brandon Williams was only 13 years old when he suffered a fatal heart attack. Austin Sergeev was even younger - only 11 - when his heart stopped beating. Children as young as eight have experienced sudden cardiac arrest. In Italy, young athletes have a thorough medical exam that includes an electrocardiogram.

The program has reduced the number of incidents of sudden cardiac arrest, or heart attack, in these athletes.

December 9th

B. Braun Honors Workers Who Rallied Together to Save Co-Worker's Life

One minute Roger Shearer was doing what he does every day,
trying to fix a piece of equipment on B.Braun’s high-tech manufacturing floor.

The next, he was flat on his back, his heart stopped and his
face rapidly turning blue. The 45-year-old equipment mechanic suffered sudden
cardiac arrest that day last August.

“I went over to make a few adjustments, when I turned to
walk away I walked about three steps and dropped dead on the floor,” said
Shearer of Wind Gap. “I woke up six days later in the hospital, and my brother
told me I had a heart attack at work and I had no idea.”

December 8th

Maggie's Memory Lives On

NEW YORK, N.Y.– Rutgers women’s basketball
will square off with SEC rival No. 4/3 Tennessee in the Maggie Dixon Classic
this Sunday, Dec. 13 at Madison Square Garden. Tipoff is set for approximately
3:00 p.m.  Prior to the match-up,
No. 6/6 Baylor and Boston College will square off at 1 p.m. The game will be
broadcast nationally on ESPNU.

This will be third-straight year that RU (7-4) has participated
in the Maggie Dixon Classic. Rutgers faced Army in each of the previous two
seasons. Last year, the Scarlet Knights defeated the Black Knights 59-38.

November 30th

Boston Scientific Issues Voluntary Advisory Regarding Certain ICDs

This advisory is limited to devices identified in the
product model list that were implanted subpectorally. Devices implanted
subcutaneously are not included in this advisory.

Boston Scientific has determined that the bond between the
header and case could be weakened by significant forces associated with a
subpectoral implant procedure or when a device in a subpectoral position is
pushed against a rib during contraction of the pectoralis muscle. A weakened
header bond may alter lead impedance and introduce noise that may inhibit
pacing therapy or initiate inappropriate tachy therapy. Additional mechanical
stress applied to a weakened bond may eventually cause header connection wires
to fracture, resulting in loss of therapy.

November 23rd

Cardiac Science Clarifies Voluntary Medical Device Correction

BOTHELL, WA–Cardiac Science announced
earlier last week a voluntary field
corrective action due to a very rare occurrence found pertaining to a device
resistor in one of its AED models.

The probability that this would occur in a Cardiac Science AED
is less than 0.0013%. With approximately 300,000 Cardiac Science AEDs in use,
this issue contributed to a device’s inability to deliver therapy in two reported occurrences over a period spanning more than six years. This issue is predicted to occur in approximately one in 75,000 devices
produced before August, 2009.

November 18th

FDA Issues Preliminary Analysis of Certain Cardiac Science AEDs

The FDA has issued a preliminary analysis of the Cardiac Science Powerheart and CardioVive
Automated External Defibrillator(AED) G3 Series manufactured between
August 2003 and August 2009. Affected models include the following:

November 17th

Open Heart Surgery and Energy

I had open heart surgery in May of 2009. It is now November and I am so frustrated over the lack of energy I have and the stiffness and soreness. When do things return to normal???

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