To save one life is as if to save the world.

- The Talmud

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation in the News

About this Section

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation works proactively with reporters and bloggers to provide information related to the prevention and treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. Following are articles that mention the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation as a resource. This compilation excludes the hundreds of thousands of media impressions generated by Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation news releases.


May 2014: Can You Survive WHen Your Heart Stops?, Bottom Line Health

04/06/14: Defibrillators, Inside and Out, Often Save Lives

03/10/14: Cardiac Arrest Survival Rate in Napa County Twice National Average

02/28/14: Student's Death Prompts Legislation

02/27/14: Fire Department Training Keeps Cardiac Treatment Skills Sharp

02/17/14: ER Briefs: DIY Laptop to AED Kit--Good Idea?

02/10/14: Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland and West Side Suburbs Launch PulsePoint, App that Lets Bystanders Know of Need for CPR

02/03/14: Matters of the Heart

01/09/14: Prolonged Bystander CPR Makes the Difference in Philadelphia Airport Cardiac Arrest


12/02/13: UFC Fighter Suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Left Without Brain Activity

11/21/13: AEDs on the Sidelines

11/01/13: The Latest Scoop on AEDs

10/31/13: Bradford Woman's Heroic Story Exemplifies Foundation's Objective

10/16/13: Pine Resident Working to Save People from Cardiac Arrest

10/8/13: October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month

09/28/13: Mobile Unit to Test Athletes for Cardiac Problems

Fall 2013: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the Young

09/01/13: Guest Column: Do Your Part to Help Save Lives

08/22/13: Portable Defibrillators Need Regular Maintenance to Prevent Failures

07/24/13: 5-Year-Old Boy Reunites with Rescuers Who Saved Him From Cardiac Arrest

05/24/13: Mother Advocates Child Heart Screenings

05/07/13: AED Manufacturers Get Regulatory Jolt

04/24/13: Support Project Brock


2012: Supporting SCA Survivors

08/29/12: Hands-Only CPR Campaign Showing Success in Lake County

06/26/12: "The Talk": Susan Koeppen Relives Her Life or Death Emergency

06/06/12: Saving Kids' Lives with an ECG

05/29/12: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Participates in Walk to Raise Awareness

05/25/12: SBUH Auxiliary Purchases Lifesaving Medical Equipment


6/29/2009 — Rick Barber of KOA Radio interviews SCA Foundation President

2007 — Media Coverage

09/6/2007 — Newsweek - Letter to Editor: Saving Cardiac Arrest Victims

03/10/2007 — SCA Survivor Selects Colorado Fire and Rescue as recipient of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation Award

10/02/2006 — Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) - Pa. woman promotes awareness, action for cardiac arrest

10/01/2006 — Pittsburgh Post Gazette - Woman promotes awareness, action for cardiac arrest

Fall 2006 — Workers’ Comp Quarterly

June 2006 — Media Coverage

May 2006 — Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) - EMS Week 2006: Serving on Health Care's Front Line

03/07/2006 — Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) - National Information Clearinghouse on Sudden Cardiac Arrest Established