To save one life is as if to save the world.

- The Talmud

SCA Survivor Network

Welcome to the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation's SCA Survivor Network™. The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation, a national nonprofit information clearinghouse, launched the nation’s first online network for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survivors in 2006.

What Is the SCA Survivor Network™?

The Survivor Network™ gives sudden cardiac arrest survivors an opportunity to find others who have been through similar life-changing events, share their experiences, and help one another during the healing process.

Who Will Benefit?

By collecting information such as the location of arrest, types of interventions and outcomes, the SCA Foundation hopes to identify variables and trends related to SCA survival. Survivors who join the Survivor Network™ can opt to participate in survey research and efforts to increase public awareness, such as media interviews and community outreach.

How Do I Join?

Joining the Survivor Network™ is easy — and free!  Begin by Creating an Account with the SCA Foundation. When you receive confirmation by e-mail, simply login to the SCA website and visit this page to add your SCA Survivor Network™ story. You may also add your entry from the menu at the top of each page when logged in.

Add Your SCA Survivor Network™ Story

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