To save one life is as if to save the world.

- The Talmud

ICD Battery Alarms Us All

You may have noticed we posted an article (linked to the original Reuters piece) concerning a technology breakthrough that could have major impact on future need for ICD and pacemaker batteries.

Now we have another story to tell on the subject.

What does an ICD battery alarm sound like? Alarm you say, what alarm?
Ah, if you have an ICD, then one day you are likely to hear this sound or something similar.

Click here for the sound of an ICD battery warning.
or just press the play button

It will not be immediately apparent what the beeping is. Well, it wasn’t for at least two people I know who were surprised and then scared when they heard it.
- One thought it was their laptop beeping at them.
- Another thought it was someone else’s cell phone!

What will you think when it happens?

Note: Most ICDs are programmed to alarm at a particular time of day, in our case it was 8am.
However, unless you had heard it before you wouldn’t immediately think of your ICD. After all it will only happen around 5-8 years after your implant!