April 22nd, 2009

He Was The Healthiest One

Vince Graziano, Patchogue, NY – 40 at time of event (2009)

If you swim for nearly an hour a day, ride a bike 100 miles without a thought, and generally keep yourself in shape, you’d expect to be heart healthy, right? Well, not so. Not according to Vince. He’d just started work after his morning swim at the YMCA in downtown Manhattan. The usual Friday morning meeting had begun. Not a stressful event, just the regular, routine end to the freight scheduler’s work week. Except this was not going to be an ordinary end-of-week for Vince. He wouldn’t make the train back home that evening. In fact he wouldn’t make it to work on Monday morning either. And as for the early morning swim, he hasn’t done that for a few months now.

100 Schools Receive Free AEDs

Program encourages students, parents, teachers and administrators to take action against sudden cardiac arrest

Need an ICD? Call an EP

Higher Risk of Complications Tied to Defibrillators Implanted by Non-Specialist Physicians

New Haven, CT–Non-specialist physicians who inserted implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) had higher rates of complications in their patients than electrophysiologists, who are specially trained to implant the devices. These findings are reported by Yale School of Medicine researchers in the April 22/29 issue of Journal of the American Medical Association.

The Yale team analyzed data from the ICD registry, a large national registry with information from all hospitals that implant these devices. They found that non-specialist now perform about 29 percent of ICD procedures. They then assessed the link between physician certification with rates of ICD complications and CRT-D implantation.

April 16th

Close Call for Police Officer

Mark Vollmar, Muncie, IN – 41 at time of event (1998)

Mark Vollmar, an off duty policeman,  was on his way to the store to buy a birthday present for his eldest son, Nicholas. His younger son, Christopher, came along for the ride, but he didn’t enjoy the trip at all. They were cruising down the busy street when Mark collapsed at the wheel, his foot stuck on the gas pedal. Christopher was pinned down, but Nicholas quickly turned the ignition off and the car coasted onto the front lawn of a nearby church.

Witnesses grabbed their cell phones to call 9-1-1m and a motorist flagged down a police cruiser. Two off duty nurses came over and began CPR.

April 15th

National CPR & AED Awareness Week

On June 7th, the last day of 2009's National CPR & AED Awareness Week, HealthSav will host a day of free 1 hour Adult CPR classes using the CPR Anytime platform.  Classes will be from 9AM-10AM, 10:30AM-11:30AM, 12noon-1PM, 1:30PM-2:30PM, 3PM-4PM, 4:30PM-5:30PM & 6PM-7PM.  Promotion will be made throughout the county and via several business organizations in and around the county.  Pre registration will be required via and the class registration form on the website.  Classes will be open to all ages.   For more information call 914 643 3663.

April 2nd

Legislator Saved from SCA

NC State Representative Survives SCA

April 1st

The Day Heaven Couldn’t Wait

Linda Kuhn, Millport, AL – 50 at time of event (1996)

It was hot. June in Alabama tends to be that way. Linda was finalizing her purchases at a yard sale when the heat became too much for her. She was under some stress as well, having just moved from being assistant director of nursing to working with a nursing home, and dealing with a failing marriage. She felt that everything was in turmoil.
“I paid for my stuff and fell back stone dead,” Linda said without emotion. Her second daughter, Melissa, is also a nurse and was there to see it happen. Apparently, Linda had complained of feeling tired, and kept stretching her arm out as though it was stiff or cramping up. Melissa recommended a visit to the hospital to check out her heart. But first Linda needed to pay for her items.
“Well, I never got out, I fell back dead!” Linda said with a laugh. “The girl who was taking my money, she’s a good friend of mine, said ‘I turned around and didn’t know where you were.’ She couldn’t see me on the floor!” Melissa started CPR immediately.

March 30th

Near Death Experiences and SCA

Heaven can wait

Tunnels, bright lights, visions of the deceased. Do near-death experiences really offer a glimpse of the afterlife - or is there a more rational explanation?

When doctors returned to check on the patient who had almost died and been in a deep coma before being resuscitated, he thanked them for all the work they had done. He had, he told the surprised team of medics, been very impressed and had watched everything they had done. He had heard all that had been said, too, and, at one point, had been concerned when resuscitation was about to be abandoned. He then went on to describe in detail the room where he had been treated - although he had never been conscious in there.

That near-death experience is one of a number recorded by Dutch doctors and one of thousands of similar cases that have now been documented in a major worldwide study.

March 30th

AED Training Does Save Lives - in Schools

In May 2008, around 270 teachers, coaches and nurses in the Escambia County school district, Pensacola, Florida, learnt how to use AEDs.
That training has since paid off.
Just before Christmas, a local school’s band director suffered sudden cardiac arrest while running at school. Someone nearby ran to get the school nurse. The nurse had attended one of those Baptist LifeFlight Outreach Education training classes the previous spring. She immediately applied her training using the AED to resuscitate the teacher. Soon after, emergency medical service transported the teacher to the hospital where he had emergency open heart surgery and recovered fully.
“Saving this life is a direct result of the training we had the privilege of providing our community,” said Patty Trent, training coordinator, Baptist LifeFlight Outreach Education. “This is what community service is all about.”

March 16th

The River Of Life

June 1, 1996, I had just taken a job to build a step down unit from hospital to nursing home at a hospital near my home. I had spent one week in orientation (I was a 30 year Registered Nurse). I had just passed my 50 th birthday in April 1996. I am now 62. On the day I had cardiac death I had been under much stress due to a failing marriage, my children growing up and leaving the nest, and starting a new job. On that day I had a yard sale all day in the heat in front of my Son-in-Laws furniture store. That night I decided to go to an auction in the same town to buy more things to sell for another yard sale. I had taken a sabatacle for about three month from nursing due to having just worked myself down as assistant director of nursing in a 150-bed nursing home. I was under trememdous stress on a daily basis. When I arrived at the auction I saw my daughter( a liscensed practical nurse) and her husband. My husband was not planning to come to the auction.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation is to prevent death and disability from sudden cardiac arrest. The vision of the SCA Foundation is to increase awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and influence attitudinal and behavioral changes that will reduce mortality and morbidity from SCA.

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