To save one life is as if to save the world.

- The Talmud

Archive - Feb 6, 2012


Maybe you can help me understand why.

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What follows is a recounting of something that happens every day. But it almost always only happens when someone steps up and performs Bystander CPR.

Why is it that Bystander CPR is performed only one third of the time?

Seriously, I'd like to have your opinion. We're trying to fix the problem, and while almost everybody says "Hey. That's a good idea. I need to get trained." it's rare to find a population that is more than 35% trained, and only a third of the cardiac arrest victims receive bystander CPR.

Here's the story of another save.



Lafayette General honored a Lafayette woman with the Making a Difference award for going above and beyond, giving life saving CPR to a jogger who had collapsed.

Monday, January 9th started as any other day for Gary Dodson. He went to work and then around 11:30 went home for lunch and was planning on continuing his normal routine.